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Online PC Services Many problems with your PC can be resolved online. Provided you are connected to the internet and can still open a browser there is a good chance that we can connect to your machine and resolve many issues without the inconvenience of an In-Home service call.
In-Home PC Services   For a $15 service fee and provided you are located in the Orange County area we will come to your home and troubleshoot your PC for more substantial problems. This is often required if you need hardware added or replaced to your PC system.
New & Used PC Sales  We can custom design a NEW PC to your specifications and requirements as needed. Please check back frequently and review our online store for deals on refurbished PC systems. All refurbished systems will include a 90 day service agreement.
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Online PC Services For as little as $15 a month we can maintain the health of your PC. With your consent and online observation we will check your PC for program updates and run software that allows for your system to run in an efficient manner.
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Affordable In-Home PC Services Starting As Low As $25  Thanks for visiting us at Budgetpcservices.com where we solve your day to day PC needs at a cost you can afford.
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