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A business built from the needs of others!   After a life of growing up with a family of crafts and tecnology people it was only natural for me to be inticed with technology and gadgets. Starting with developing my expertise in the music and video industry to the addition of building my career in the computer and broadcasting field I have experianced quite a diversified life. While working in these fields I found myself constantly resolving the issues of the people around me. Thanks to having worked activily with major leaders in technology and sharing in the changes within the industry from year to year; I quickly acquired both a love and strong bond with my varied career paths. Helping to resolve the issues of my friends and co-workers quickly developed my skillset to provide me with the expertise to start and maintain the business I have today. During this time I have recognized the need for people to develope a relationship with trades people they can TRUST. I found that as time has gone on; it has been harder and harder to hire reputable people to handle my day to day needs in an honest manner. For me; I think it is important to build a company that can take pride in long term customers and for those customers to feel they can TRUST their needs will be met in a caring and cost effective manner.
Our Mission To provide our customers with a fairly priced solution to their day to day computer needs. Offer proven recommendations and advice for everyones current and future PC needs. Provide our honestty and integrity to all.
Affordable In-Home PC Services Starting As Low As $25  Thanks for visiting us at Budgetpcservices.com where we solve your day to day PC needs at a cost you can afford.
About Us